Jon Triest Habitat Build

In 2010 YCAR was involved in a very special project!

The Yamhill County Association of Realtors® has chose 2010 as a year to honor the memory of our late colleague, Jon Triest. Jon was a highly respected Realtor® and exemplary citizen known for giving back to the local communities. One of Jon’s greatest passions was serving and supporting Habitat for Humanity. Many people attended Jon’s memorial service on June 12, 2009, and gave in his memory to Habitat for Humanity.

The Yamhill County  Association of Realtors® was thrilled to continue supporting the cause that Jon cared for so much and dedicated so much of his life to. We chosen to continue Jon’s generosity in the following ways:

1. Many of our Realtor® donated the cost of one square foot for the Jon Triest Habitat Build.

2. The Jon Triest Habitat Build was selected to be one of our recipient charities at our Yamhill County Association of Realtors® Annual Charity Auction in 2010.

3. Many of our member Realtors® and affiliates  assisted in the building of this home. During the year there were several days set aside and organized for Realtors® and their friends to take some time out to help construct the home.

Thank you for your support!

Troy and Katrina Benton were the selected recipients of the Jon Triest Memorial Build home for one side of the common-wall home on Debbie Street. Troy is a sales associate at Radio Shack in McMinnville. He says that members of his family from Willamina will be helping them on work site. Katrina says of their selection that she is very excited to own their own home and to have a place to raise their baby girl Mya, and other future children should they choose to expand their family.

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