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You can search for properties using the two local Multiple Listing Services. Our brokerages also have property search capabilities on their websites.  A MLS is an electronic database that provides a marketplace where real estate professionals can share information about the properties they have listed for sale and offer compensation on behalf of their clients.

The Regional Multiple Listing Service

The RMLS is the largest Realtor®-owned, subscriber-driving MLS in the Northwest. It provides services to Oregon and Southern Washington.

The Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service

Serving Marion, Polk, Benton, and Linn county areas, the WVMLS has served the Mid-Willamette Valley since 1949.

How does a Multiple Listing Service benefit a Seller?

When a real estate professional lists a property through the MLS, the seller can be assured that their property is marketed to a wide audience of potential home buyers in an organized and cooperative environment on a computerized, regional network. The homeowner now has an expanded sales force as the property is exposed to a larger pool of prospective home buyers.

When property information is entered into the MLS database, all subscribers of the MLS have the ability to view the information and can show the property to their qualified buyers. In addition, the property may be advertised on a variety of real estate websites, which allows home buyers around the world to view listings for sale in the RMLS™ database.

The robust database includes additional resources for the real estate professional to use when advising their clients, such as the comparative marketing analysis program which assists in pricing a new property listing appropriately.

How does a Multiple Listing Service benefit a Buyer?

A real estate professional working with a buyer can narrow their search to meet the buyer’s criteria with the assurance they are getting reliable and timely information about available properties.

RMLS™ brings together content from a variety of sources in one place, allowing subscribers to provide their buyers with detailed lists of property characteristics and photos of the properties as well as additional information such as listing history and tax records.

Why can’t I put my home directly on the MLS?

Only licensed real estate professionals who belong to a REALTOR® office and subscribe to RMLS™ may list homes on RMLSweb.

Why can’t I visit a vacant property by myself?

Lockboxes are used on properties for sale which can only be opened by a real estate professional, protecting the property from trespassers and providing a record of who has entered the property. If it were your property you would want every measure taken to protect it from thieves or damage, which is why we don’t allow people to enter even a vacant house without a real estate professional.

What is an MLS number?

An MLS number, sometimes referred to as an ML#, is a unique number assigned to each listing for searching and tracking purposes. It is designed to be a quick and easy way to refer to a property listed for sale.

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