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Found the perfect home? We can help you find the perfect mortgage.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most of us make. House hunting can be exciting and disappointing at the same time. Some people find the perfect home in three days, for others, it can take months. We’ve seen it all. And we understand how you feel. Once you finally find the perfect home, let us help you quickly find the perfect mortgage.

We invite you to learn about our Loan Programs on our website www.westcorpmtg.com. Calll or e-mail us and we’ll develop a personalized quote. Are you already living in your dream home? Maybe it can be even dreamier with a lower monthly mortgage payment! Refinancing could be the way to go. Check it out with our Refinance Mortgage Calculator. Or, try out our Debt Consolidation Mortgage Calculator to see if a home equity loan or second mortgage would work for you.

Buying a home is a big investment. We can be there with you every step of the way. Our company has been in this business for a long time, and we invite you to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

Ken Whiting
Sales Manager & Loan Officer
1018 NE 3rd Street, Suite A
McMinnville, OR 97128
Office: 503-435-2087
Cell: 503-437-1117
Fax: 503-472-0627
Email: ken.whiting@westcorpmortgage.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I refinance?
  2. Should I rent or buy?
  3. What is a FICO score?
  4. How can I increase my credit score?
  5. What if there is an error on my credit report?
  6. Why do interest rates change?
  7. What is the difference between being pre-qualifed and pre-approved?
  8. Can my loan be sold?
  9. What is a rate lock?
  10. What’s the difference between a conventional loan and an FHA loan?
  11. What documents will I need to have to secure a loan?
  12. How will my monthly payments be calculated?
  13. Should I pay points?
  14. What is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?
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