Re-imagining What Can Be – Part One

Re-imagining What Can Be…

aka Help Wanted

The only offices that can join YCAR are our affiliated businesses. YCAR is not about brokerages.

Individual Realtors® are members of the Association and each one of us have equal standing.

Many Realtors® belong to large firms, national or regional brands, or dominant local offices. However, there are increasing numbers of principal brokers who work independent of any office, and we are seeing a surge of small offices or team offices comprised of just a few Realtors®. We are fortunate to have so many options from which to choose. Regardless of your choice, when it comes to membership in your local Realtor® association, it is about you as an individual, not whether you join an office or not.

YCAR exists for the support of and as a resource to individual local Realtors®. But it also exists to pull together the talents, wisdom, experience, and labors of local Realtors® to accomplish good things for our industry, our members, and our communities. The individual is the centerpiece, but the united effort of individuals is the goal.

To a great degree, individuals like you determine how valuable and powerful our association is. We choose what to accomplish, what to support, and what resources to develop for each of our benefit. In reality our efforts, or lack thereof, directly affect the professionalism and reputation of local Realtors®. There are very few things required of us, most notably our money, but there is a universe of potentiality depending on what our individual Realtors® choose to do. Everyone reading this article has a voice and an opportunity to shape the association. We do it not by dictating what others should or should not do, but by personally choosing to work together with some of our colleagues to bring a vision of ‘plenty’ to reality.

What do you value? What do you wish was offered for the betterment of all? What can you imagine that perhaps no one else has considered? What would you do if you could? Where can you make a difference? What do you believe in? What interests you that might also be valuable to others? What talents and abilities are you willing to contribute?

To help you begin brainstorming and re-imagining, read Re-imaging What Can Be Part II. I have no interest in dictating what must be, nor trying to find worker bees for my ideas. I want each of us to think about what we want our association to be. We can build something to be proud of, something which serves people well, and we can develop opportunities for us to work together and build relationships to benefit our businesses and our lives. Ultimately you cast the vision by what you imagine, and you bring the vision to life with the help of many other Realtors®.

Re-imagining What Can Be – Part Two

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