Dues Deadline

Sunday January 31, 2017 is the deadline for having all brokers dues paid in full. There is a late fee of $50 for dues received after January 31st. 

New members may join at any time during the year and pay prorated dues.


Association Members who have not paid their 2015 dues will be dropped from membership of YCAR, OAR and NAR and Designated Brokers should return their licenses to the Agency and they will not be able to access RMLS, or perform any real estate services.  To stop this from happening, send your dues in now (including the late fee) to YCAR. Remember, you can pay your dues online at www.realtor.org with a credit card or electronic check and your NRDS #. If you have questions, please email Chrissy Amundson at ycar@onlinemac.com or call 503-472-7425.

RMLS PAYMENTS: You cannot be a member of RMLS unless you are a Realtor® and are current on your dues. If you are delinquent with RMLS, we are also required to send your license back to the agency and your license will be inactive.

To be inactive with the REA and conduct any form of business (including simple discussions) is a license violation and can cost in excess of $1500 per incident. It will also cost you money to reactivate your license. We are all short of money at this time but the above issues are the most basic responsibilities for functioning as a Realtor®. We have no choice but comply with the law.


What do my Dues DO for me?

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