Building Value in our Association

If most give a little; if some give more, but for a short period of time; together we can build something valuable for all of us.

Our collective experience is wildly diverse, our gifts and talents are as varied as our personalities and backgrounds.  Experienced veterans offer wisdom and institutional memory; at the other end novices contribute fresh ideas and new tools. We all succeeded because someone gave us a hand-up. Let’s build a culture of sharing among us. Our collective generosity, positive spirit, and tolerance will help us and our colleagues, and spill over to our clients and our communities.

Because selling real estate is our primary work, our commitment must be limited, but the benefits do not have to be.

Hiring talented professionals to do the work is expensive. But if the real value of an association is actually in the members personally, then it is not even the best way to bring our vision to life. I am grateful for Diana and Lacey and their work is indispensible, but you are the real value.

What do you have to give?

Just you!

‘Association’ implies that we come together, work together, and communicate with each other. With your involvement we can build professional relationships, long-term friendships and valuable resource networks. You understand the stress and the challenges of our industry. You have unique ideas and experiences that I can learn from. From you I can find solutions for difficult challenges. And yes, there are tensions between us because sometimes competition beats us up and aggressive representation for our clients can cause friction. All the more reason we need to come together in enjoyable social occasions and in cooperative work to feel again that those times should not be taken personally. Your accomplishments also inspire me.

Volunteer to work together with your colleagues for a richer Association

There are so many good ideas and rewarding visions of what we can be! Do what you are good at and enjoy, or expand your horizons by learning something new. Give what comes naturally, perhaps push some boundaries.

Most of you are familiar with our high functioning committees like the Education and Realtor® Auction teams. There are many more opportunities involving events, communications, recruiting, political action, finances and budget, fundraising, website & social networking, administration, technology, corporate compliance, Professional Standards, member recognition, Realtor® resources, RMLS/OAR/NAR, public relations and other better ideas you may have. We have those who work at the state level, there is a Board of Directors who serve locally, and we have special projects like the Jon Triest Memorial Habitat Build for Realtors®. Some are standing committees required by our by-laws, some are select committees allowed by our Policies and Procedures, and some ‘needs’ will be satisfied with a temporary ‘task force’.

What to expect…

We are not asking for a lot from you, but we are asking for something. Some, like your Board of Directors and key committee leaders and members, give much, but it should only be for a season. Others will then build upon their contribution. Together we can build a smorgasbord of value for all Realtors® and enjoy the process and the fruit of our efforts.

Look for more information in the weeks ahead, or call/email us for what you want to do and can contribute.

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