Thoughts on Leadership

We have been given a commission

We are called by the membership to be leaders of the Yamhill County Association of Realtors®. Leadership in an association is about making personal and professional sacrifices for the betterment of the membership and the organization during our time of service. We are called to contribute our time and efforts and leave the association in better condition than we found it. If each successive slate of leaders keeps this consciously in mind, then we continue to improve from generation to generation of leaders. Some specifics…

  • For our membership we intentionally improve conditions and opportunities, and remove obstacles to success.
  • We give organizational direction, endorse goals, set agendas, execute plans and objectives.
  • We create structure for members who will volunteer their resources, chair or staff committees, and actually accomplish the work of the association. We also serve and assist these organizations and people.
  • As a Board we recruit, encourage, and train future leadership. The structures of the Associations can be a valuable training and proving ground for future leadership at any level.
  • Together our experience, knowledge, and wisdom allow us to preempt serious problems and find solutions for conflict, fear, and failure. We also have the ability to then take calculated risks wisely.
  • Leadership is about finding solutions, not finding fault. Failure is part of the process of succeeding.
  • Our Leadership:
    • Should not to be passive but rather strategic.
    • Is not dictatorial, controlling, or heavy-handed but aims to involve the membership and elicit grassroots involvement
    • Is not self-serving or self-aggrandizing; it is not for the ego, the prestige, or the respect. There are some good benefits to serving well, but these are by-products and not the goal.

Improvement is change

  • Change is the most constant reality in the business world, without it businesses and organizations become obsolete, irrelevant, and die.
  • Change is difficult for many people. We must stimulate improvement while being patient with people.
  • We should not have to be patient with leaders; they are called to be change-agents, visionaries, implementers, and managers.
  • There is wisdom in many counselors; change should be carefully considered by generous and qualified leaders.

Misc principles & thoughts

  • Do no harm. Do not be an obstructionist.
  • Do not take things personally. Respect diversity of thought, talent, and experience. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. When we share the former and refuse to let the latter drag us down, the association can prosper.
  • Chose your battles carefully. Often it is best to let someone try something, have freedom to learn, and spread ones wings to succeed. It is good to offer wisdom but we all learn by doing. Stand your ground when you are confident the alternative is irrevocably damaging.
  • There is no room in YCAR leadership for partisanship, petty competitive manipulations, or self-promotion. We come together to give generously for the benefit of all our members regardless of branding. We must function together above competitive issues, boundaries, and personalities to do good.
  • Good decisions are rarely made out of fear. Caution and wisdom are good. It is best to understand the fear well before reacting to it.
  • Serving others together can and should be enjoyable and produce valuable relationships. Successfully serving the best interests of others is its own reward.
  • Leaders are people too. They get wounded and suffer hurt, get frustrated, and get discouraged. Let’s do the right thing but minimize collateral damage.
  • Let us be generous in our judgments of each other. Believe the best about the motives and intentions of others until they prove they are not worthy of it. Even then, believe that as one matures he or she can grow into that trust. Still, the reality is that ultimately every business and organization needs to weed the garden occasionally.

I am sure this is a list of thoughts you could add to. I would love to have your contribution to this; email me with your ideals. I also know that some items can be disputed. I offer this as ideals I strive to practice. Perhaps we can forge a set of ideals for YCAR to promote and utilize in the future.

What if We Do Nothing?

Best regards,

Randy McCreith, 2010 Past President
Bella Casa Real Estate Group 503-310-9147 Cell
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