About YCAR

The Yamhill County Association of Realtors® (YCAR) is a non-profit trade organization representing more than 200 of Yamhill County’s real estate professionals. YCAR is committed to protecting and promoting homeownership in Yamhill County, and to assisting members conduct their business successfully and ethically.

Our Association brings us together.

We are competitors. We compete with each other to provide better services at lower costs. We work hard to differentiate ourselves with our experience, our education, our accomplishments, and our cutting edge resources. We take pride in our companies, our brands, our offices and our colleagues. We persuade prospective clients that we will protect their interests, put our expertise to work for their profitability, and provide prestigious representation for them. We seek to prove our professional competence, our best practices, and our exceptional amenities of service. We promise we will do it better than others.

We are also professional colleagues. We come together to support each other and build-up our profession. Together we raise the bar of professional standards and practices for everyone so that we, and the public, are better served. Through our association we form professional friendships, enjoy times and events together, and work side by side to give back to the communities we love and appreciate.

It is in our Association that we mute our competitive drive and our brands fade into the background. It is not about what I can gain over my competition, it is about what I can contribute to all of my associates and what we can all do together to make life better for everyone. Competition is a demanding work which never ceases. The work of our Association is to be refreshing and satisfying. It is one of the perks of being a Realtor® in the greater Yamhill County area.



The purpose of Yamhill County Association of Realtors® is…

To promote an environment where our members can prosper,

as well as contribute to their communities.

We strive to always enhance the professionalism of our membership.


In January, the Board of Directors for YCAR endorsed and adopted of the following goals:

1. To significantly improve communications with our membership

Some ideas being worked through include a YCAR website as a hub of local news & issues and a traffic director to the finest resources our associations, social networking, regular informative emails, quarterly membership meetings in a ‘business-after-hours’ format, semi-annual social events, and the establishment of a Principal Broker Forum.

2. To promote the value & benefits of our associations for our members (YCAR, OAR, NAR)

We are wealthy but may not know where our wealth is stored. Our Associations each provide unique resources and opportunities; we may not know what they are. Our local association provides the best refreshment; perhaps we have never tasted what can be served-up.

3. To build unity in YCAR especially between the east and the west

Historically the county breaks in two halves. Over time, too many problems were blamed on the other half and some isolationism resulted. In an age when globalization is characteristic, and I can form relationships anywhere in the world and communicate instantly, visually, and audibly, does it make sense that we cannot work cooperatively with Realtors® 10 miles apart? We can do much better!

4. To achieve greater membership involvement for mutual benefits

We must see the value of what we can do together. We have a wealth of diversity and talents among us. We can create better opportunities, solve problems better, do more good for our clients and our communities, assist more Realtors® to reach their professional potential, and build more satisfying and rewarding relationships with those who share our profession.

5. To continue to develop & upgrade Realtor® projects & events:

We are building on the diligent efforts of those who have gone before us. The Realtor® Auction is an amazing accomplishment each year. Let’s expand its reach and its contribution to our communities. Our education committee people offer value second to none. Let’s ‘raise the bar’ of professionalism among our Realtors® so that our reputation in Yamhill County is exceptional. Let’s recognize those whose work and lives are truly outstanding and an inspiration to upcoming Realtors®. Let’s support our communities with our involvement and our money. Let’s find ways to better protect our clients, and let’s find ways to help each Realtor® become as successful as he or she desires to be.

6. To Build relationships with other local boards and our counterparts

We have not cornered the market on good ideas. Let’s be willing to break the mold if profitable to implement ideas we learn from sister associations. We should connect with our counterparts all over the state for better development; we can do so easily with technology. We also can contribute to others and make for a stronger state.

7. To grow membership in YCAR

Our wealth is not in our technology, our educational resources, or the organization; it is in our people and the relationships that are built. We can work together and enjoy the effort! Together we can do what no one alone could dream of accomplishing. Let’s build it and then share it with more people.

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