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Professional Standards – Highlight of the Month

November 7, 2012

Professional Standards, by Jean Elmore, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee

There are 17 Articles in the Code of Ethics and each month we’ll consider one Article. When available, I’ll include a link to a case study of a grievance that cites one of the Standards of Practice  that the complainant feels was violated. Since it is impossible to highlight all Standards of Practice – there are 15 of them under Article 1 alone – I’ll try to pick one that reflects timely situations. These are actual cases from other states and the findings of the hearing panel are shown at the end.

Article 4: Required Disclosures and Responsibility for Subordinates.

When a grievance is submitted to a Board of REALTORS® it is first reviewed by the Grievance Committee and, if found to be likely a violation of an article of the Code of Ethics, it is passed on to the Professional Standards Committee for a panel hearing with submission of evidence by all parties. If a licensee is found to be in violation of an Article, is the licensee’s managing broker always implicated as well?

Article 4 of the Code of Ethics deals with the disclosures required in a transaction involving family members or any other ownership interest of a licensee. These disclosures must always be made in writing, don’t they? Here’s a case study with a new twist on that Standard of Practice 1 under Article 4.

Case #4-4: Responsibility for Subordinates

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