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Saying goodbye to our Executive Officer, Diana Brown

October 7, 2011

It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Diana Brown as our Executive Officer. We are happy that she and her husband Jerry are getting closer to family and new opportunities in Tennessee, but sad that we won’t be able to interact with her as our Executive Officer! She definitely kept the Board Members focused on what needed to be done for the Association and she is so fun and positive to be around. She really worked hard at making us all look good. Make sure to drop Diana a note or give her a quick call to wish her the best before she leaves.

Ron Schock, 2011 YCAR President

A note from Diana:

Well, as most of you know by now, after being in the McMinnville area for over 30 years, and 8 years serving as your Executive Officer, it’s time to move on.  Jerry and I have decided to make a big change and we are moving to Northeast Tennessee (2 hrs from Knoxville).  It’s a beautiful place and we are very excited about our new adventure and being close to our children and grandchildren.  Of course, friends and acquaintances are the hardest thing to leave behind, but like a “bad penny” I could turn up again, and there is always email!  I would like to extend my very special thanks to the various Board Members that I have served through the years who work diligently for our Local Association, and of course to the many Realtors® that I have met and become friends.  I will miss you all, and if you are ever visiting Tennessee our door is always open to you.

Thanks to all of you,



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