About YCAR

The Yamhill County Association of Realtors® (YCAR) is a non-profit trade organization representing more than 200 of Yamhill County’s real estate professionals. YCAR is committed to protecting and promoting homeownership in Yamhill County, and to assisting members conduct their business successfully and ethically.

Our Association brings us together.

We are competitors. We compete with each other to provide better services at lower costs. We work hard to differentiate ourselves with our experience, our education, our accomplishments, and our cutting edge resources. We take pride in our companies, our brands, our offices and our colleagues. We persuade prospective clients that we will protect their interests, put our expertise to work for their profitability, and provide prestigious representation for them. We seek to prove our professional competence, our best practices, and our exceptional amenities of service. We promise we will do it better than others.

We are also professional colleagues. We come together to support each other and build-up our profession. Together we raise the bar of professional standards and practices for everyone so that we, and the public, are better served. Through our association we form professional friendships, enjoy times and events together, and work side by side to give back to the communities we love and appreciate.

It is in our Association that we mute our competitive drive and our brands fade into the background. It is not about what I can gain over my competition, it is about what I can contribute to all of my associates and what we can all do together to make life better for everyone. Competition is a demanding work which never ceases. The work of our Association is to be refreshing and satisfying. It is one of the perks of being a Realtor® in the greater Yamhill County area.


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